Thursday 5 June 2014

VOLUNTEERS needed to help make Carnival Costumes for Emancipation Acts

Emancipation Day is celebrated on 1st August across the Caribbean and in some American states. Different countries have different ways of celebrating but they ALL involve carnival costume. Making those costumes is easier than you might think. If you know how. Or if you know someone who can show you how ...

Rob Welsh has been making costumes and props for carnivals, parties, shows and corporate events for 20 years. He works with all ages and abilities to provide the skillsets and confidence for people to make more or less whatever they fancy!

In these workshops we’ll be working with foam, fabric and metal to create colourful, original and fun costumes and accessories. Starting from scratch we’ll learn the basic techniques to make hats, body coverings and backpacks to support whatever ideas come out of your imagination!

You do not need experience, just an interest. If you are on a low income we can pay travel.
All materials and tools provided. Childcare can be provided at each workshop.

Workshops will be in the

Community FlatGovan and Craigton Integration NetworkFlat 0140 Mossheights Avenue
Cardonald, G52 2TX on Wednesday 16th July,

Wednesday 23rd July

and one other date to be arranged.

Even if you can only help at ONE session, you will be welcome.

(NB you MUST pre register for workshops by emailing

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